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Chemistry 20/30

The major goals of the Chemistry 20-30 curriculum are to:

  • Enable students to use science and technology to acquire new knowledge and solve problems so that they may improve the quality of their lives and the lives of others
  • Prepare students to critically address science-related societal, economic, ethical and environmental issues
  • Provide students with a foundation in science that creates opportunities for them to pursue progressively higher levels of study, prepares them for science-related occupations and engages them in science-related hobbies appropriate to their interests and abilities
  • Develop in students of varying aptitudes and interests - a knowledge of the wide spectrum of careers related to science, technology and the environment.

Chemistry 20 a 5 credit course which consists of four units of study:

A. The Diversity of Matter and Chemical Bonding
B. Forms of Matter: Gases
C. Matter as Solutions, Acids and Bases
D. Quantitative Relationships in Chemical Changes

Chemistry 30 a 5 credit course which consists of four units of study:

A. Thermochemical Changes
B. Electrochemical Changes
C. Chemical Changes of Organic Compounds
D. Chemical Equilibrium Focusing on Acid-Base Systems

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