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The Mathematics courses at Braemar are designed to provide students with the skills needed to build confidence in their mathematical abilities.  The classes are designed with flexibility in mind so that students can find a series of courses that accommodate both their ability levels and their career goals.

At Braemar, we are committed to student success.  Teachers provide lessons that encourage students with different learning styles to be engaged and excited about mathematics.  We encourage our students to take risks in their problem solving, to think and reflect independently and to be able to communicate their mathematical understanding.   

At Braemar we offer three program levels of mathematics.  When you register for your courses a school counselor will review your program goals to ensure that they match your future career plans.  You may find that you start at one level to refresh you skill in mathematics and build your confidence so that you are able to reach your final goal.  We are here to help you make all the right choices for your future. 

The main course sequence in Math; each course is 5 credits:

  • Mathematics 10C, 20-2 and 30-2
  • Math 15 & 20-3 Optional