Braemar School is truly a hidden gem located in a quiet residential area in the southeast quadrant of the City of Edmonton. The school itself is a bright and sprawling campus surrounded by a greenbelt that encompasses a square city block of parkland. The school was established and is championed by Edmonton Public Schools for the express purpose of providing an education in a supportive environment exclusively for pregnant and parenting teens ranging from 13 to 19 years of age. Read the Full Story


New Courses at Braemar

YOGA 15-25-35


Yoga is a union of mind, body and spirit.
It is a method to bring about balance,
peace and serenity, allowing us to live
an empowered life.
We use the physical practice of Yoga
to create awaremness between the
body and mind.   





ART 10-20-30



The Art courses at Braemar are designed to provide students with an opportunity to explore and appreciate the world around them through a variety of media.  Students are encouraged to create works that are products of their experiences.





Summer School 2016 at Braemar

Summer School begins on July 4th and ends on July 29th.  



How to Register at Braemar                                       

Braemar is accepting student registrations at any time by appointment.

Please contact the office at 780-468-3000 to request an appointment to register.

You are required to bring your Birth Certificate and Alberta Health Card when you come to register.

If you are under the age of 18 years and living at home, a parent must accompany you.



Principal's Message

Principal’s Message

It is my pleasure to take this opportunity to welcome you to the Braemar Campus.  Braemar Campus is a unique combination of Braemar School, which is part of the Edmonton Public Schools High School Program and the Terra Centre, which is a non-profit organization specifically dedicated to the well-being of pregnant and parenting teens.   When you become a Braemar student, you also become a Terra Centre client, and the combination of services offered at Braemar Campus is designed to allow you to achieve the highest educational standards possible along with the support you need on a social and personal level creating every possible opportunity for success through this unique partnership.

Braemar High School offers you a full-compliment of the core courses required for you to obtain a High School Diploma from the Government of Alberta.  What we also offer is a range of option courses for you to explore.  We are particularly proud of our Braemar Independent Learning Department commonly known as B.I.L.D. Under the supervision of a classroom teacher, you will be able to access an individual and personalized modular learning program.  We have found BILD to be very popular with our students as it enables them to work at their own pace while completing any number of credits they might require to obtain a diploma.  We also have a fully equipped computer lab, a foods lab, a gymnasium and fitness centre and a yoga classroom.  We have recently added art to our program, and we have student work displayed throughout the school.

The Terra Centre Personnel at the Braemar Campus also offer you a range of support services that will make it possible for you to address any issues that may prevent you from obtaining all the credits you need to graduate.  The Terra offices house a range of Educational Support Services workers.  You will be assigned a specific counselor upon your registration.  Of particular interest to you will be the Terra Child and Family Support Centre.  This is where you will apply for childcare so that your child will be right here on the Braemar Campus as you complete your studies.

Presently, Braemar School and the Terra Centre are working with the Alberta Government on a pilot project to supply funding to pregnant and parenting teens.  The project is known as the “Strengthening Hope Bursary”.  When you register at Braemar School, you will be given a timetable of classes that fit your needs; you will discuss a career path; you will meet with the Funding Project Manager and be assessed for eligibility for full or partial funding as you attend school.  You must be a student in good standing at Braemar School and maintain your attendance requirements and academic achievement in order to continue in the program.  We also offer Summer School with continued funding to our students to support them in obtaining credits toward successful completion of a high school diploma.

Everyone at the Braemar Campus is committed to removing barriers so that you can focus on your education.  The ultimate goal is to empower you to become the best parent you can be, and we believe that obtaining your high school diploma provides you with the tools you need to begin that journey to success.

Sandra Erickson


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